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How To Plant Avocado Pits?

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How To Plant Avocado Pits?

What could be easier than growing avocado trees? Not only planting avocados allows you to grow into a plant a pit that would have been thrown away anyway, but it also allows you to have exotic plants in your home for free.

There are two methods to grow an avocado tree in your living room by the window. I prefer the first method.

Method 1: Plant avocado seeds in water

  • Soak the pit in lukewarm water for a few hours, and then remove the flesh from around the pit
  • Put the tip of the stone upwards
  • Pierce the hole halfway through with three toothpicks (see picture above)
  • Fill a glass with water and carefully balance the hole in it (pointed side up)

  • Enjoy watching your pit sprout. After a few weeks, the roots have formed, and the stem has grown
  • Transfer the stone to a pot filled with potting soil
  • Water once a week, neither too much nor too little

Method 2: Grow the avocado directly in the soil

  • Soak the pit in lukewarm water for a few hours, and then remove the flesh from around the stone
  • Plant the stone in the watered potting soil directly, pointed side up
  • Germination may take longer than in method 1

Will you grow an avocado this year?

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